Four Growth Barriers for a Window Treatment Business

Four Growth Barriers for a Window Treatment Business

Get comfortable with your current business level and income.

Window coverings is a wonderful business. Working from home with no rent and no employees there is little cost of operation.

With the flexibility to work by appointment, a parent can raise children, attend PTA meetings, soccer games, and other events that would be impossible otherwise.

Sometimes the owner is a caregiver for a parent or in-law. Be thankful this business allows flexibility and time to provide family support. It would be impossible in almost any other business.

When your first priority is caring for others…or you are comfortable and have no need to add to your income, it would not be the right time to consider Exciting Windows!.

Your experience and skill will keep you as busy as you want to be. Enjoy!

Risk, Fear, and Uncertainty

Regretfully, many independent window coverings business owners lack the confidence to explore their options. They feel less capable than other business owners, not realizing that others may have been just as fearful when they started.

Having yet to discover the power of building confidence by facing risk, fear grips and freezes them. Of course, there will be setbacks. That’s how we learn and grow.

Napoleon Hill author of Think and Grow Rich, wrote on page 74, “Every failure, every setback, has the seed of an equivalent or greater success.”

If fear of loss is holding you back that is exactly why you need to look into your options. You have more talent than you give yourself credit for.

Not sure? Read Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman. They tell women to take a chance. Become more than you are.

Risk and trying things you fear is the way to build self-pride and confidence. Many Exciting Windows! Members started in fear. With help of other Members, they grew and achieved success beyond what they could imagine.

“It ain’t braggin if you can do it.” — Dizzy Dean, Major League Pitcher

When you’re good at something, “It ain’t braggin” to be proud. When you have confidence, that’s the time to move ahead.

In fact, the one thing you may not know is your own personal power to reach higher.

Look around. Who are the leading independents in window coverings? What did they need to know that they didn’t know before?

Was it how to add people profitably? Maybe paperwork help? Maybe another salesperson? Was it how to have more high-quality leads with advanced marketing?

Was it how to win sales from competitors without lowering their price? Was it how to make more profit on every sale…and how to have bigger sales with better customers?

Talking to them, could you discover what you need to break free? Could you move higher than you ever imagined?

Someone once said, “We don’t know what we don’t know” So true. But, when you know it, you can choose your own path to move higher or stay where you are. But, until you know what you don’t know, you have no choice.

Talk to the best independent business owners in the industry. Then decide for yourself.

Million Dollar Showroom Owner

Often, over many years, a manager may have reached his optimum. There is little reason to be part of a team, and little reason to change.

The amazing thing is that some Exciting Windows! owners of million-dollar businesses have grown with new supplier opportunities.

Some have become Hunter Douglas Gallery and Centurion owners growing substantially. Others have tripled business with Graber and their Costco affiliations.

Often their Exciting Windows! affiliation opened the door for their opportunity and helped them with structuring business, hiring decorators, training them, and managing for maximum effectiveness and profit.

Again, it is all about personal satisfaction and reaching a comfort level. If dreams of growth no longer burn, there is no reason to meet others who choose to keep growing.

There is no reason to discover the long-term potential as part of a powerful winning team.

Miss the Real Opportunity

Sometimes a business owner judges for themselves what they think they need most. They ask if Exciting Windows! can give it to them immediately. If the answer is not what they want to hear, their mind snaps shut.

That may be a sad loss for their future. Sometimes, it takes an open mind and a little faith to discover what counts.

If other quality business owners are growing and experiencing benefits, maybe there is a reason. Maybe the reason takes study and thought.

Maybe one snappy question like, “How many leads can you get me?” misses the big picture that counts the most. Exciting Windows! creates growth and profit by selling to high-income homeowners. That changes a business.

The buyer trusts more, invests more, and allows more profit for the business. They rarely shop price and often buy again frequently while referring other homeowners like themselves.

Not every owner can give the added service that is important to upscale community leaders. But, for those willing to learn, it brings a different future they never could have foreseen.

Some owners focus is on what they believe they know, not the potential they don’t know. But, as Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld said, “We don’t know what we don’t know.”

What a business owner may need the most is to know the value – the long-term benefit of what they don’t know.

Ready to get started? Become a member.

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