Join Exciting Windows! Risk-free for 30 Days

Join Exciting Windows! Risk-free for 30 Days

Are you ready to build a better business?

As a window treatment business owner, you probably envisioned owning and operating a business that provided freedom, financial security, and a certain lifestyle when you started your business.

A business that would allow you to be home evenings and weekends with friends and family.

A business that provides you with the ability to vacation when and how you want to.

A business that runs like an organized, efficient machine, either by you or your team.

A business that is profitable and pleasurable, allowing you to build wealth.

A business where you feel in control and confident of the decisions being made, the complete opposite of slaving away to build someone else’s dream.

So, how’s that going for you?

How many times have you said to yourself:

  • I can’t take this chaos one more day. I need to set up a reliable, dependable work flow process.
  • I can’t wing it anymore. I need to assess where I’ve been, where I am and where I’m going. I need to finally set meaningful revenue goals.
  • I can’t ignore marketing and social media anymore. I need to know how much to spend on marketing and where to start.
  • I can’t do this alone anymore. I need to know if I can I afford to hire someone.

Exciting Windows! is the recognized leader in providing window treatment professionals education, resources and collaboration, so they can build and manage a successful business that earns them profit and creates pride and joy in their life and career.

Our international membership consists of window treatment professionals from every level of business experience and size. We have members who choose to run profitable businesses, solo, from their home, all the way to businesses with multi-retail locations and dozens of employees. 

From workrooms, to personal businesses, to retailers, no matter your business model or size, we know the challenges you face and what it takes to build a successful, profitable business.

The annual gross sales of our members are from $250,000 to more than $10,000,000 per year. We support our members goals whether they are looking for more profitability or more growth, or both.

The backbone of our organization is the sharing of information, time and expertise from member to member. We do this, formally, through or monthly Zoom meetings and our 2 annual conferences.

If you still aren’t sold that Exciting Windows! can show you how to make your business more profitable and support the lifestyle you’ve always imagined for yourself, now you have the opportunity to see for yourself the power of our membership and network, completely risk-free for 30 days.

For a limited time, we are offering a FREE 30-day, no-risk, no-obligation trial membership to window treatment businesses owners in states where we do not currently have representation.

Because of our diverse membership across the United States and Canada, we are always in touch with North American market trends. We canvas these trends on a monthly basis, and because of this, our members react to these trends at a much faster pace than businesses that are not in Exciting Windows!. This gives our members a marketplace advantage.

This is why we want to establish Exciting Windows! Membership in each state – this will make our market trend information even more accurate and on point.

Will you be the first in your state to reach out and take advantage of our 30-day risk-free membership trial?

Don’t let someone else in your state be the first to reply – complete the form below to secure this limited time offer and experience the power and benefits of our membership and resources for your business.

Whether you are the first to secure a risk-free trial membership in your state, or you miss the mark, you have the opportunity to join us as a non-member guest at our 20th Annual Conference in Grapevine, TX, immediately following the IWCE. Secure your spot today and meet our partners, members, and industry partners April 12-14th to experience Exciting Windows! in person!

When you join Exciting Windows!, you’ll transform a world of competitors into a community of collaborators. Submit the form below for membership information or details for attending our 20th annual conference in Grapevine, TX April 12-14, 2024.

Build a better business.

Find your people. Reach your goals. Grow your business.

Our members are the top-performing window treatment professionals in the industry.
Join us and grow!

  • Want to learn from those who have done it before you?
  • Collaborate and share data?
  • Learn methods that will save thousands of dollars and hours of lost time?
  • Hit that next goal you’ve had in mind for months…or even years?

We’d love to hear about your business. Tell us how to reach you so we can chat.

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