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Everything we do is specifically structured for improvements to the efficiency of your business—from the topics of our weekly online meetings to the data that we share. Simply put—we know the custom window treatment industry and you won’t find this level of expertise anywhere else.

Choose a Membership Level:


When you join at the Associate level you’ll access meetings and resources that transform a world of competitors into a community of collaborators.

Structures & Systems

Our community members and founding experts exist at every level of the industry.

Everyone—from the just-breaking-in to the seasoned business owner—will find a wealth of knowledge on how to create efficiencies and optimize their ways of working.

The Monthly Business Advantage Event

Leave your silo. Our members get instant access to a true collaborative collective. Hosted virtually, our community conversations offer you the same no-delay-large-scale data and trend analysis you’d get from being part of a global corporation— but geared for autonomous small business owners.

Education with Impact

Our monthly, online Business Builder event brings you seminars curated to inspire action.

Once per month, we bring you a featured speaker who knows how to do the things you’re looking to master.

Marketing, legal, branding, finance, technology, operations—the list is endless—and directly connected to what our members need.

Your Questions Answered

And if it’s not covered by our Business Advantage and Business Builder events, bring those burning questions to our online “ask anything” session with Steve, Steve, and Vin.

Experience the Annual Conference

On top of everything we do on a monthly basis, we also come together face-to-face for an industry event like no other. Expand your network. Soak up essential information. Have a cocktail or two with a community that’s all your own.


You’ll receive everything at the Associate level plus direct business advantages from our founders.

One-on-One Mentorship

Your membership begins with four hours of mentorship with Steve, Vin, and LuAnn. With over a century of expertise in the window covering business between them, these working sessions offer a level of custom expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

A Personalized Business Analysis

As a part of your mentorship experience, your call with Steve B will include a personalized analysis of the numbers that most impact your business health—net/gross margins, lead generation, close ratios, and much more.

Exciting Windows! has resources to train new decorators so they make an impact from day one.

— Matt Cobb, Southern Tradition

There are members in this group that can show me what’s possible. No need to reinvent the wheel!

— Susan Day, Exciting Windows! by Susan Day


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