Will Exciting Windows! get me leads?

Yes and no. Exciting Windows! will not provide you with leads but we will provide you with the education, ideas, and tactics so you can generate more leads for your business… Even better, we will help you attract more high-quality customers that rarely shop your pricing. The combination of support, mentorship, and systems you get with Exciting Windows! will enable you to build a stronger, more profitable window treatment business.

Can I get help with my business other than at the Zoom meetings and the conferences?

Yes! If you join at the full membership level you can reach out to any of the four Exciting Windows! leaders by phone or email for help, support, and guidance. All Exciting Windows! members can always reach out to each other for collaboration and learning. This is our secret sauce—we know your business, we run window treatment businesses too!

Is Exciting Windows! a Franchise?

No. Exciting Windows! is a licensing program. Franchises require contractual compliance for business operation and supplier purchases. Exciting Windows! allows business owners to control all aspects of their business. We provide expertise, resources and guidance, and a collaborative learning environment. Of course, you must operate legally, ethically, and maintain a good reputation for the Exciting Windows! Brand.

Must my business name be Exciting Windows! ?

No. Exciting Windows! is a brand of service. You operate under your own business name.

Is there a fee to be a Member of the Exciting Windows! Network?

Yes. There is an Initial Fee and monthly/annual fees, however, this is very different from a franchise and the fees are a fraction of the cost of franchise fees. There is no royalty for intangible “rights”. Fees pay for training and support systems for your business needs.

We have vetted the best professionals, with proven systems and strategies, for each area of your business, from branding and marketing to sales and profit margins to hiring and training. Through our monthly zoom calls and special offers from these consultants, you get personal access to professionals that would typically cost you thousands of dollars to learn and grow from.

Refundable Fees: We are so confident that if you regularly attend the meetings you will earn substantial value and experience measurable improvement in your business. If you are approved for membership, we accept the responsibility of providing tangible information to positively impact your business. If you do not experience the same transformations that every one of our members has, you can request a 100% refund. If you do the work and follow proven advice you will increase your ability to operate a more profitable business or you pay nothing.

How many meetings are there a month?

Most months have four meetings. During conference time and the winter holidays, we sometimes have fewer Zoom meetings.

Where are the monthly meetings held?

At your place, via Zoom!

Looking for more detail or the opportunity to chat? Reach out to schedule a phone call.


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