Who We Are

And what we do. The better business philosophy.

We founded Exciting Windows! because we wanted to create a real business community—specifically for window treatment professionals.

No hollow corporate sales jargon. No limp lists of knowledge we already knew. No hours of our priceless time wasted on boring meetings or opaque data.

We saw a need for a community that understood the complexities of what we do on every level—from solo entrepreneurs to leaders of large teams.

We wanted to build a strong, straightforward, personalized space where people who are looking to excel in our unique industry could come together and learn from the best. And so we have.

The Exciting Windows! Mission
To assure that each owner Builds a Better Business
that is pleasurable, profitable, and valuable. 

Icons and Innovators

LuAnn Nigara

LuAnn Nigara

Number One in Sales

Years in the Window Treatment Business: 40

Areas of Expertise: Sales, negotiation, employee development, straight talk

How She’ll Transform Your Company: LuAnn will revolutionize your outlook and give you the tools to navigate those hard conversations with clients, employees, vendors, and trades.

LuAnn is a celebrated media personality, keynote speaker, and seasoned entrepreneur. An author of three published books and a sought-after columnist, LuAnn has been recognized as the go-to keynote speaker for professionals who want to launch their life’s work and get out of their own way. LuAnn has captured international attention for her weekly podcast A Well-Designed Business® which has 700 episodes and 4 million+ downloads.

Vin Nigara

Vin Nigara

Once Trained 23 Franchisees in 18 Months

Years in the Window Treatment Business: 41

Areas of Expertise: Operations, systems, finance, keeping your bottom line inline

How He’ll Transform Your Company: Vin will find efficiencies you didn’t know existed, streamline your working models, and help you forge a path to profit.

Vin is a relentless entrepreneur and business developer—and has been since 1978. With his prior experience as VP of Franchise Sales for two prominent industry companies, he brings unparalleled expertise in operations, systems, and finance to everything he does. A former college baseball coach, his passion for teaching has translated into creating an accessible platform for imparting his extensive business acumen to community members of any level.

Steve Wishnow

Steve Wishnow

Demystifies Marketing

Years in the Window Treatment Business: 19

Areas of Expertise: Marketing, development, strategies, making the data work for you

How He’ll Transform Your Company: After decades as a marketing SVP, Steve knows exactly how to make sure you’re getting in front of the right clients in the right place at the right time.

Steve cut his teeth as an SVP of marketing and sales for one of the largest department stores in the US. He went on to specialize in working with window covering businesses of every shape and size. His extensive background in marketing—specifically in determining the right marketing strategies for each individual partner—has made him the industry go-to for growth. He knows how much to spend, what media to use, how to track results—and every step a business needs to take to get to the next level.

More than Just Advice—Our Resources Go Beyond

Access to Experts

We know the right people with the right knowledge to help your business excel.

Your Colleagues

Find knowledge and strength in our community of business owners—from solo entrepreneurs with solid margins to managed businesses with sights on expansion.

Data that Matters

Strength in numbers—literally. By sharing community data we can identify trends in real-time.


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