Critical Success Factors for a Window Treatment Business

Critical Success Factors for a Window Treatment Business

Defining a customer profile is one of the first steps to build a profitable business.

Serving high-quality customers makes your business more profitable every year, and the business will be worth more when you sell it.

Few business owners know the profile of high potential window fashions customers. Yet, having the right profile will accelerate sales growth, yield higher profit margins, and reduce advertising costs.

For example, more than 80% of homeowners are Unqualified to buy quality custom products.

With tens of thousands invested in research, Exciting Windows! knows the age, income, home value, and occupation of high potential customers. This information helps owners grow faster at less cost.

Customers must be “aware” you exist. Awareness is the beginning point to build sales.

Few business owners know the importance of customer awareness. Awareness is so important, Exciting Windows! has simplified it for learning.

It is one of several “Rules of Threes” Exciting Windows! Managers learn to manage better.

Three things customers MUST know before they buy:

  1. Name of your business (and your personal name)
  2. Products and services you sell. (Does your drapery business sell blinds? Does your blinds business sell Drapery?)
  3. Customers must consider you when ready to buy. That’s why advertising is repeated frequently. You buy milk every week, but it may be five years before you buy window coverings. You must be on a buyer’s shortlist so they consider you when they are ready to buy.

“You can’t manage it if you don’t measure it” – W. Edwards Deming

Only the largest retailers with tens of millions in sales know the critical measurements to manage. They may invest $100,000 and more for CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) to measure these essentials.

Yet, CRM software can benefit a business selling as little as one customer a week. That is why Exciting Windows! provides CRM software for every Member.

There are only three critical measurements to control sales.

Few dealers know the critical factors to control sales. The starting measurement is Appointments. Yet, few businesses keep track of their appointments.

Learn the other two when you attend the first sales class, “Professional Window Coverings Sales”.

There are only three critical measurements to net profit.

One is Gross Profit. Again, you will learn the other essentials and how to measure them in your first class at Window Coverings University.

Few dealers know the critical factors to control net profit. Fewer still have ways to measure fit.

As an Exciting Windows! Member, you will learn these management essentials and many more. “Rules of 3s” are a beginning. That is part of the reason your business will sell more, and you will earn more when you are an Exciting Windows! Member.

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