The World’s Best Window Treatment Business Marketing (5 Ways to Boost Sales)

The World’s Best Window Treatment Business Marketing (5 Ways to Boost Sales)

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated—and sometimes the easiest, least expensive option is actually THE BEST.

What to Do: Follow Up with Past Customers

You’ll make more money and spend less on advertising if you stay in touch with those who have purchased from you before. These are homeowners that have met you, know you, trust you, and want you to succeed.

Your past customer list with phone numbers and emails is your most valuable asset—but only if you use it.

Follow the Money

Advertising cost is about $200 for appointments according to top business owners.

With a sales closing rate of 65-70%, your “customer acquisition cost” (love ya, Shark Tank) is about $300. That’s for a serious business selling 2-6 customers a week.

If you want 100 customer sales, and you now have about 30% Repeat and Referral appointments, you must invest money and time to acquire 70 additional customers—at $300 each, that’s $21,000.

But if your business has a 60% Repeat and Referral rate, you only need to acquire 40 customers. At $300 each, that’s $12,000 – $9,000 less, a savings of 43%.

How to Do It: 5 Ways to Boost Repeat and Referral Sales

Since the beginning of time, businesses have had three proven ways to build past customer loyalty. Today, the internet brings two new ways.

1. Postal Mail to Past Customers

Plan about $0.75 per name if you do it yourself. But consider just over $1 with Send Out Cards. This company will do it for you.

2. Phone Follow Up

Call customers that bought and customers that didn’t buy yet. Start with your best 300 customers and contacts and call twice a year.

That means 600 attempts over 50 weeks—about two a day! Of course, you can set aside two hours a week for group calls. Don’t put it off and don’t let these things stop you:

  • I don’t know what to say!” Just be a friend. Ask how they are doing. You don’t need a reason. You don’t need a promotion or purpose. You get about the same results simply saying hello and being friendly. You might start by saying, “Hi, I’m just calling to see how you’re doing. I really enjoyed working with you and want to be sure your window treatments are behaving.”
  • Voicemail. Amateurs measure success by reaching live people. Not so. Today, with only about 25% answering you will likely get voicemail. THAT’S TERRIFIC! Leaving a message is often better. When your customer listens and they’re not on guard, there’s no tension or resistance. They’re shocked by your friendly voice and simple message with no request for a call back. They’ll remember you for years. That’s what counts!

3. Customer Appreciation Events

This is one of the best marketing investments you can make. There are tons of fun things to make it timely, informative, and instructive.

Of course, invite potential customers to meet your loyal fans. Remember, success is not by attendance. Customers are flattered when they receive your Preferred Customer Invitation.

4. Email: The #1 BEST Way to Stay in Touch with Past Customers

Don’t forget appointments not sold. Plus, email allows you to build awareness with groups like realtors, builders, and networks. The purpose of business is to create a customer. Email is your best way for the money!

5. Digital Reviews and Ratings

Urge past customers to rate you. That will get you future customers. There are articles and books on how to get customers to post a review. It is not easy, but it pays off. Look up Window Treatments on Google, count the reviews your competitors have, and set your goal to beat them.

Past Customer Follow-Up is the World’s Best Marketing

Build your database of customers and contacts. They know you and want you to succeed. Hire an admin assistant to help you. You’ll save money on advertising. It’s all about you and your goals. Believe in yourself. You CAN DO IT!

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    | 8 September 2021

    Such a simple, powerful piece of advice. Thank you for this.

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