Why your Business Community is your most valuable asset

Why your Business Community is your most valuable asset

Do you have what you would consider your business community, that you can go to for camaraderie, support, and friendship? Something more than a network – not just other related businesses that you can look to for partnerships and referrals, but other businesses like yours, that offer collaboration and not competition?

If you don’t, you should make it a top priority. There are many advantages to having a network of similar businesses that you can lean on. You may even consider it your most valuable asset. Because…

Successful businesses don’t get built alone.

Talent and drive and determination can only get you so far. At some point, you will hit a wall or run into a challenge that you can’t figure out on your own. That might be a scaling challenge, or a hiring challenge, or a systems challenge, but there will be a time when you need someone from outside your business to offer a new perspective. This is how growth happens.

At Exciting Windows!, Better Community is one of the pillars of Building A Better Business. Our members are all window treatments professionals who are here for one reason: They understand that they can go further and accomplish more by being a part of a collaborative network of other window treatment professionals. We are all invested in the success of our Exciting Windows! colleagues, and we are thrilled to see everyone reaching and exceeding their goals! And we hold you accountable too – our members don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Because when you have someone checking in to see what kind of progress you’re making, you are 95% more likely to reach those goals.

You need mentorship and ongoing learning to continue to grow.

Your community is a great opportunity for you to connect with people who are like you, who understand the challenges you are facing…they’re also there to celebrate those big wins with you! A diverse community of business owners at all levels and stages of their business support each other as mentors, and offer fantastic learning opportunities. You’ll never stop learning when you own a business…and that’s a good thing! Even better is having an inside look at what someone else has done and being able to make it work for you, without a bunch of trial and error.

At Exciting Windows!, you receive personal coaching by 4 partners that have helped hundreds of businesses. The partners – who have a combined 100+ years experience in the window treatment industry – share WHAT to do. Then, Exciting Windows! Members tell you HOW to do it. You exchange ideas at the weekly Zoom meeting and two live national meetings per year. Our weekly Zoom meetings cover systems & structures, seminars with special guest speakers, and data & trend analysis based on information from our membership of nearly 60 business owners from across the country.

Your business network can be a wealth of resources and referrals.

Join now and take advWho hasn’t found themselves in a position where they needed information on a new window treatment product, or a lead on an installer or sales person? When you have a network of people who are in the day-to-day grind just like you, you’d be surprised how often something you need can be provided by someone in your business community. It’s also a great way to share referrals with another trusted window treatment company.

At Exciting Windows!, our members collaborate not just on the weekly Zoom meetings, but also in our members-only Facebook group. This is a great way to request feedback from other members on products, ask for installer referrals, and have someone to send referrals to – and receive a few yourself. There’s no stronger way to build your business than by building a strong network, and our members experience this first hand.

Are you sold on the reasons you need a community? Excellent. Now you might be wondering where to find one.

Exciting Windows! is a community of business owners just like you. We know and understand what you’re going through, because guess what? We all own successful window treatment businesses, too. And what’s more, our members own and operate some of the most profitable window treatment companies in the country.

Are you ready to save time and frustration by joining a network of window treatment professionals who have been there, done that, and have expert advice to share?

When you join Exciting Windows!, you receive personal coaching by 4 partners that have helped hundreds of businesses. The partners share WHAT to do. Then, Exciting Windows! Members tell you HOW to do it. You exchange ideas on weekly Zoom Conferences and two live national meetings per year.

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Build a better business.

Find your people. Reach your goals. Grow your business.

Our members are the top-performing window treatment professionals in the industry.
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  • Want to learn from those who have done it before you?
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  • Learn methods that will save thousands of dollars and hours of lost time?
  • Hit that next goal you’ve had in mind for months…or even years?

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