Case Study

Couture by Karen

Location: Monroe, Michigan

Services: Custom Window Treatments

Established: 1979

Number of Employees: 10


Karen started her company in 1979 as a custom sewing and drapery workroom. By 2004-2006, she had reached a sales plateau of $150k per year. She had the desire to break through to a higher sales level, but didn’t know the path to get there. Karen met with representatives from Exciting Windows! in 2007 and knew it was the right fit to help her succeed at a higher level of sales.


Million in Sales

Per Year…Up From Just $150k/year


Sq. Ft. Show Room

After Starting with a 400 Square Foot Space


Revenue Increase

From Before Exciting Windows!

Exciting Windows! systems, training, and membership has helped me to transition from a $150k workroom to a managed business with a retail store and operations and sales staff. The shared knowledge and experiences from this distinctive group of business owners has been strategic to my continued success.

— Karen Essary


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