Better Operations System – From Customer Sale to Installation

Better Operations System – From Customer Sale to Installation

Author, Vincent Nigara

A Comprehensive Guide to
Efficiently Manage Order Processing in an
Exciting Windows! Business


This System covers order processing from when a sales consultant turns in a signed customer order and down payment to when the job is installed and balance due is collected. A major business benefit is for owners to reduce daily, weekly, and monthly stress.

Purpose of the System

The system is designed to reduce mistakes and keep customers happy.  It helps train sales consultants and employees. It standardizes an efficient, checklist system to receive and deposit cash, place orders with suppliers, receive and check-in products, and to schedule and perform installation.

How the System Makes You Money

Checklists and standardization reduce costly errors. It presents a professional image to customers to build your quality reputation. This system includes a daily task checklist that manages order flow. The result is increased repeat and referral sales and confidence to increase gross profit.

Result: more business NET profit 

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